About me

I'm an American who has been home in Vermont, France, Maine, Cameroon, Eritrea, Italy, Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Georgia (USA), California, and Qatar over the past four decades. I’ve always explored the world on foot and through the lens of my camera, but this process became more intensive in my desert home. In the three years before moving back to the USA in 2016, I walked many miles of Doha, falling in love, against all expectations, with the lines and the light and the creatures that manage to survive the heat. Upon returning to Vermont, I'm continuing to look for and share beauty whenever I come across it. With a camera I can delight in moments I never even saw- a fairy crown from a drop of water, the light through a bird's outstretched wing. My work continues to travel internationally, as prints in many homes, on notecards, and recently in shows in Vermont and Dubai. My latest project is designing and leading workshops that will provide beginning photographers with an understanding of light and the manual controls of their cameras, so they can continue to learn and create on their own. (this photo ©Carla Cioffi, see her work at carlacioffi.com)